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During a period spanning about 300 years, between the 8th and 11th centuries, the Vikings made a huge impact on the world.

Hailing from Scandinavia they set off in their long boats to raid throughout Europe, the Middle East and even North America looking for gold, silver, new lands and slaves.

With their superior ships the Vikings were able to make lightning quick raids along the coasts and even attack directly from the sea.

A favourite target of theirs were the monasteries that were often situated on the coasts of Britain and Ireland. The monks that lived in the monasteries made for easy opponents and the illuminated manuscripts, gold statues and elaborate tapestries inside made rich pickings.

It should be remembered that the Vikings were not simply savage barbarians. Far from it, they were excellent ship-builders and navigators, shrewd traders and skilled craftsmen as well as being great farmers.

Scandinavia is Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


In our play, "A Viking Tale", Freya journeys to Angleland and finds wheat with the help of her new friend, Egric.


What happens next? Write a story about what happens next in Freya's adventure...


Did Freya take the wheat back to Tonsberg and save her village? Did Egric survive his injuries and find his home? Did Freya and Egric get married and start a new life in England? Or did Ivaar live to fight another day and continue his invasion?

It's up to you!


In groups, take the stories written above and make them into scenes 3-5 minutes long.


Think about the characters and their lives/experiences.


Plan the scene carefully so that there is a clear beginning, middle and end (preferably with something interesting happening!)


Choose the words that your characters say carefully so that they tell the story but remain in character.

Viking manacles Illuminated script

Illuminated manuscript

Slaves were


Viking longship