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In Britain we still have the straight Roman roads that lead all across the country.

The Romans also left us with the first sewage drainage and water supplies such as aqueducts (big water pipes that flow downhill to towns over arched bridges).

What the romans left us with title

The Romans also invented central-heating!


 They left gaps underneath their tiled floors and walls in their houses so that hot-air from big fires could travel around and keep them warm - this is called a Hypocaust.

The Romans built Britains first cities – such as Londinium (London,) Mamucium (Manchester) and Eburacum (York.)

One thing the Romans did not give us however was our language.  


English is mostly derived from the languages of the later Saxon and Norman invaders and not Latin like a lot of other European languages.

The Romans gave us most things but they didn't give us our language.

Straight Roman road Hypocaust channels

Hypocaust channels in an excavated villa in France

Straight Roman road