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Britain had been a Christian country since the times of the Romans...  


There are lots of different types of Christians but they can be mostly grouped into either Protestant or Catholic. Before the Tudors most people in Europe were Catholic, which means that they believed that the Pope, who lives in Rome, is God’s representative on earth and is the head of the Church.


When Henry VIII asked the Pope for a divorce (usually forbidden for Catholics) from his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, the Pope said “no” and that he couldn’t be a Catholic anymore (excommunication.)

If Henry VIII hadn't wanted a divorce so much we would probably still be a Catholic country now.



When Henry died his 9 year old son, Edward VI, became King.  Because he was only a child, he had a Lord Protector telling him what to do.  This man told Edward he should leave the throne to his cousin, Lady Jane Grey, another Protestant.


People decided they actually wanted to go back to being Catholics now so Henry and Catherine’s daughter, Mary, became Queen.  She married the King of Spain’s son Philip and spent a lot of time burning Protestant’s at the stake.


The Catholics then thought that Henry VII’s great-granddaughter, Mary Queen of Scots, should be Queen instead of Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn’s daughter.  Elizabeth cut her head off.

Philip, now the King of Spain, was cross about Elizabeth beheading Mary Queen of Scots, and still slightly cross about how Henry had treated Catherine of Aragon, and very cross about Sir Francis Drake sniffing around their treasure ships!  


He decided to go to war with Elizabeth and sent his “Armada” (naval fleet) to fight us.  Luckily Sir Francis Drake  (with the help of a gigantic storm at sea) defeated them or we might all be speaking Spanish now!  Olé.

Which Religion were these people...


Henry VII?      Henry VIII?     Edward VI?     Lady Jane Grey?  


Mary I?     Elizabeth I?     Mary, Queen of Scots?     Philip of Spain?

Cross Pirate Ship The Pope

Henry did it anyway and decided he was now the head of the Church of England – a new type of Protestant Church with simpler customs than the Catholics.  He told everyone in England that they had to be Protestants too, and cut off anyone’s head who didn’t agree with him.