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The Tudor age coincided with a period in European history that we call THE RENAISSANCE.  This term means “re-birth” because it was when people began to rediscover the ideas and culture of Ancient Greece and Rome.  Scientists also started coming up with ideas that made ordinary people’s lives better.


Henry VIII was what we might call a 'Renaissance Man' because he knew lots about art, music, languages and literature.


One of the most famous Tudor Artists was a man called Hans Holbein (1497-1543.)  Although he was born in Germany, he came to England looking for work and soon became King Henry VIII’s official painter.  He painted lots of famous portraits of members of King Henry’s court including Anne Boleyn, Thomas More and Thomas Cromwell.


The Tudor Style of Architecture left us with a very distinctive and recognisable type of building.  People still build houses in a “Mock Tudor” style nowadays.  They are noticeable because of the (usually black painted) timber on the outside, the roofs with lots of gables and the large groups of rectangular windows.


Henry VIII also loved music.  He was a very good recorder player and it is said that he wrote the famous piece of music “Greensleeves” for Anne Boleyn.  The most popular instrument in the Tudor age was the Lute which looked a little bit like a guitar.


There would be travelling musicians who moved around the country much like the travelling players who performed plays.  You had to have a special license to do this however.  Much like the King, rich people would also employ musicians to come and play in their houses.





Can you make a Tudor-style house out of matchsticks?

Are there any Tudor-style houses near where you live?