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Cancellation Policy


Once the booking has been made a booking confirmation will be sent out to the email address provided by the school. The booking is then confirmed as stated in the email. In the event that the school cancels within 28 days of the performance date, the school will be liable to pay 50% of the full invoice. In the event that the school cancels within 14 days of the performance date, the school will be liable to pay the full invoice amount.

Hobgoblin Theatre company will always try to find an alternative date if the school would like to change or cancel the performance. However, if a hotel has been booked and a fee is incurred for changing the details, the school will be liable for 100% of the hotel fee.


If Hobgoblin Theatre Company arrives at the school and the school is closed/space is not available and Hobgoblin Theatre Company has not been informed, the School will be liable for the full invoice amount.




Once a booking has been confirmed, an invoice is sent to the email address provided by the school. We require payment by cheque, BACS or cash on or before the day of performance. If the payment is to be sent through the County Council or other means rather than coming directly from the school, details must be sent through in advance to the relevant parties so that payment can be made by the day of performance.

Arrival at the School


On arrival at the school, Hobgoblin Theatre Company should be met by either the contact or an informed person that can show the team the hall, toilets, parking arrangements and confirm the times of performance/workshop. It is essential that a person from the school confirm the start time of the performance before bringing children to the hall.



Hobgoblin Theatre Company requires access and parking for a Ford Transit SWB van. We ask that arrangements be made so that the van can be parked as close to the hall access as possible for ease of set up and break down. If parking is not possible on school grounds then coins/parking pass must be provided for nearby parking bays. If it is not possible to park within reasonable access of the school and an alternative solution is not provided, Hobgoblin Theatre Company will not be able to go ahead with the performance and The School will be liable for the full invoice amount.



The timings of the show/s and workshop/s are agreed at the time of booking and stated clearly on the booking confirmation. Hobgoblin Theatre Company ask that the school show awareness of these times and stick to the scheduled times. In the unlikely event that Hobgoblin Theatre Company is late to arrive due to circumstances outside our control eg. Breakdown, traffic or bad weather, we will keep the school informed and will aim to start the show as near as possible to the scheduled time. In extreme lateness (instances where the booking is unable to be completed as agreed) it is acknowledged that either party may wish to reschedule.

Snow/Bad weather/Emergency Policy


In extreme weather conditions in which the school is closed, inaccessible or the journey made dangerous by bad conditions, it may be necessary to reschedule a booking. Hobgoblin Theatre Company will keep the school informed of any problems with the journey. If the school is closed for whatever reason it is the school’s responsibility to inform Hobgoblin Theatre Company so that the booking can be rescheduled, or the school will be liable for 100% of the full invoice amount. If rescheduling the booking means that the chosen play is no longer relevant (eg. A Christmas Production) then the school may choose another production instead.

Audience Numbers


Some of our productions have maximum audience numbers, which are clearly stated both on our website and at time of booking. On certain occasions, Hobgoblin Theatre Company may agree to change the maximum audience size depending on the circumstances. This will be agreed at the time of booking. If the school exceeds the maximum audience numbers without agreement from Hogoblin Theatre Company then the performance may not be able to go ahead (due to the interactive nature of the shows) and the school will be liable for the full invoice amount..



Hobgoblin Theatre Company has full Public Liability Insurance.

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