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This workpack is designed as an aid for you in the classroom, both with academic and  practical work.  


We have tried to cover some of the most prominent issues of the topic, and these have been grouped into the following sections:


             WHO WERE THE ROMANS?                                        ROMAN TIMELINE


                           NOTABLE PEOPLE                                              ROMANS IN BRITAIN


                   ROMAN RELIGION                                                THE ROMAN ARMY




         FOOD & DRINK                                       LIFE OF AN EVERYDAY ROMAN


A ROMAN HOME                                     HOW DO WE KNOW SO MUCH?




We’ve included some ideas for exercises and activities in each section but don’t feel that you need to follow just these ideas -  treat them as a starting point for your own, and the childrens, development of the themes in the play.

What have the Romans ever done for us...? Find out here.

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