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The Romans invaded Britain in the year AD 43 under the Emperor Claudius.

We know this, not only because it was mentioned by Roman historians but also because of what they left behind.  We still have the amazing straight roads that they created and we are still finding the remains of Roman houses (or VILLAS) and things like Roman coins and cooking pots.

The Romans however never took over the many tribes of Scotland or CALEDONIA.  These “barbarians” were constantly revolting against the Romans and by 120 AD the Emperor Hadrian had had enough and so ordered a giant wall to be built from one side of the island to the other, marking the territories!

Parts of Hadrian’s wall are still standing today, but we think the Romans lost control of Britain to the Saxons in around 410 B.C.

The building of Hadrian’s wall was probably done by the Roman soldiers who were based at the fort of VINDOLANDA. Most of the building work would have been done by AUXILIARY soldiers – these were soldiers who weren’t Roman citizens.

Vindolanda is also important because of the Vindolanda tablets.  These are the oldest Roman letters that have been found.  They are written in ink on very thin bits of wood.  They tell us all about life at the fort, and even include plans for a birthday party!

Britain was a little bit warmer in AD43 than it is now.