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Christianity became the official Roman religion in 325 A.D, but before then they had lots of different gods who were based on the Ancient Greek Gods.

After the Roman’s had taken over a country for their empire they would often “borrow” gods from that country such as the goddess ISIS who came from Egypt.

The Romans worshipped their gods in temples, but also sometimes had shrines to gods in their own homes - these were called Lararium.

Jupiter was the King of the Roman gods. His Greek equivalent was Zeus.

Jupiter was also the King of Thunder and the Sky and he was the chief deity that was worshipped throughout the Roman Empire until Christianity became the main religion.


Jupiter's most recognised implement is the thunderbolt and his most sacred animal is the Eagle. The eagle was also adopted by the Roman Army because of the significance attached due to Jupiter's association.


The Oak is the sacred tree of Jupiter.

Jupiter title


Oak Tree


Juno was the wife and sister of Jupiter. Her role as a Goddess was to be the protector of women. Her Greek equivalent was Hera.

Juno was the patron goddess of Rome and the Roman Empire and she was the protector of the state. Her warlike manner (derived from the Greek goddess Athena) is often reflected in the clothing that she wears in statues and paintings.












The sacred animal of Juno is the Goat and her sacred fruit is the Fig.

Juno title Mars title

Mars was the Roman god of War. His Greek equivalent was Aries.

Mars was second only to the King of the gods, Jupiter, and in his role as god of war he was worshipped by the armies of Rome.


Ceremonies worshipping Mars were held in March (named after him!) and October, which was the month when military campaigning and farming were begun and ended.


Where the Greek god Aries was seen as a destructive force Mars was associated with military power and prowess as a means to create peace and so was very important when establishing mutual cultural and religious identity across the vast Roman Empire.

Mars' sacred animals were the Woodpecker and the Wolf. His recognized item is the spear.

Venus title

Venus was the Roman goddess of Love and Beauty.

She was said to have been created out of sea-foam (as was her Greek counterpart, Aphrodite).


Her sacred month is April - associations with blossoming of trees and flowers.


People worshipping Venus, as well as victorious Generals who were given a Roman Ovation, would wear crowns or wreaths of Myrtle on their head to honour her. Myrtle, as well as Roses, were her sacred flowers.



Many civilizations borrow gods from those that have come before.



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