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Join Perseus as he begins his perilous journey that takes him far from home to the land of the hideous Gorgons where he must use his cunning to defeat Medusa - or die!


In this original version of a classic Greek myth the children will learn about many aspects of life in Ancient Greece.

This interactive play blends action and discussion to fully immerse the audience in the story. As well as watching the play the children also get the chance to discuss the action they are watching in 'interactions' with the actors throughout the show.

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"The set, props and costume were clever and relevant, especially with only 3 of you! The acting was excellent! Spot on content and curriculum relevance, you clearly know your stuff. The kids were all very engaged and absolutely loved it. We could have watched lots more! Thank you very much."


  Liz Broughton/Raegan Oates, Mellor Primary School

"Both the workshop and the play were amazing. The children were engaged throughout and learnt a lot from the drama workshop but also deepened their knowledge and understanding of the Ancient Greeks.


The production was really well performed, funny, modern twist and well resourced.


We have already included you in our planning for next year! Many thanks."


                Donna Thurlow,  Field Court Junior School

"We liked the format, it meant that the pupils didn't have to sit still for too long. They also had a great understanding of the characters because of the discussions.


It was completely relevant to the curriculum and the pupils picked up lots of Greek names/characters. The set was simple and although, at first, I wondered whether the pupils would understand how 3 people played all the different parts, it worked. Thank you."


           Carole Bacon,  East Borough Primary School

"The set was simple and yet very clever. The props were also simple but effective.


The content was good and curriculum relevance was perfect. Professionalism and punctuality were also faultless and therefore well worth the cost.


A great time was was had by all our children - years 2 to 6."


                    Mrs Kaye Triggs, Waltham Primary School

"The play was fantastic! The children were fully engaged and seemed to really enjoy the performance. They really enjoyed the comedy side of the play. It was really good having the group discussions throughout the play so that the children could recap on the story.


To be honest we have no areas of how to improve as it was fab! I'm sure you will be back again next year. Thank you!"


           Jenna Dunn, Year 3 Teacher, Meadow Primary School

"To be honest we have no areas of how to improve as it was fab! I'm sure you will be back again next year. Thank you!"

"Excellent. the children really enjoyed it and you could see this in the performance.


It was great how facts about the Ancient Greeks were interlinked with the play to give them more background. It was great to see the humour in the play.


A fantastic experience for us all. Thank you!"


                      Ruth Brocklebank, Crags Community School

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"A well-structured, clear, entertaining and informative performance. A good balance of humorous and serious content. Pitched to appeal across the age range, clearly delivered. Props and cotumes - simple but effective."


                                               P Mussell, Cumnor House School

"The set and props were exciting to hold children's interest. They were engaged and wanted to hear the story. The children enjoyed the humour in the play and they told us that the acting was convincing & exciting. The group were punctual, despite us pushing them in to a tight schedule. The cost was really good value as we were able to incorporate 2 plays in 1 day."


                                               Vanessa Brooks, New Swannington Primary School

"Thank you for an excellent morning. Punctuality + professionalism great. Cost - fair. Set, props, costumes ideal for the situation. Acting - superb. Content excellent. Curriculum relevance ideal... They loved every minute of it and found the interactions helpful and informative. They enjoyed learning from the actors."


                                               Elizabeth Wickins,  Margaret Beaufort School

"We were very impressed with the whole performance and its relevance for our Ancient Greeks topic. We look forward to having you back again."


                                               J Dear, Wentworth Primary School

"The 3 actors explained carefully the nature of Greeks plays. The acting was superb and dynamic. Hilarious."


                                              Uxendon Manor Primary School

"The girls thoroughly enjoyed the many characters revealed to them and were able to move from the Greek chorus to the stories with ease. Strong performances by all 3 performers in addition to the excellent rapport with the pupils."


                                               L J Highfield, St Ives School

"The children were thoroughly engaged with the play. The use of 'paper breaks' to record what they had learned was a good idea - they got to move around and it tested their listening.


Props were used effectively and helped children to follow each character. The content of the play linked well with our National Curriculum objectives.


Acting was brilliant and the adults were impressed by the content with only 3 performers! An excellent show - thank you for coming to St Bede."


                                             Rebecca Tiley & Jayne Player,  St Bede Primary School

"The children and staff really enjoyed both the performance and workshop. Appropriate level for children in Year 5 - interactive and hands on, well done.


Well performed. Good use of props and narrators roles. Excellent to clarify storyline and characters in smaller groups. The workshop gave good techniques to be used in different topics. Thank you!"


                                             Claire Davies,  Barley Lane Primary School

"Thank you so much for the "Perseus & Medusa" production. The play enabled the children to easily access our 'Greek Gods' theme in our topic lessons.


The props and set design were excellent and the professional approach by the actors kept the children spellbound throughout. Plenty of interaction that kept all of the children engaged.


We will definitely welcome you back in the future."


                                             Miss Sam Curtis,  Hanley Swan Primary School

"A well-organised session allowing opportunity for feedback from the pupils. The play was well performed and engaged the children. Characters were strong and story easy to follow."


                                               Barbara Knight, St Aubyn's School

If you have never experienced theatre in education before (and, more specifically, Hobgoblin Theatre Company) then you will have no idea of the dramatic impact that the experience can have on childrens' understanding of, and passion for, a particular topic.


Hopefully these  comments that other teachers have made will prompt you to give us a call!


Let us help to inspire your children.

It's all Greek to me!

Northmoor Greeks cropped Greeks at Cumnor Greek Jimbo

"Very informative.


Children really enjoyed the performance and the drama activities - great balance between the two


Great engagement to our topic.


Good value for children to pay -  especially those who do not have access to theatre."


                                             Lucy Dodds,  Grovelands Primary School

"Loved the authentic method of acting with the chorus and the educational introduction and chorus parts. These provide lots of points for discussion for teachers to pick up back in the classroom.


Excellent set/actors/script-writing. Particularly liked the 2 intervals for gathering what children had learned so far. Workshop fantastic! We will do more of this. Very useful as a beginning to our topic. Outstanding! Thank you so much."


                    Faith Bradbury, Notre Dame Prep School

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If, for any reason, we are unable to visit your school to perform the show live for you we have a fab filmed version available to view. Contact us for more details.

Here's a trailer for the show...

Filled with facts and hugely fun - we have written this show specifically to appeal to a Key Stage 2 audience.