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100 – 44 B.C.

Caesar was a very important Roman Senator.  He gained lots of military power and respect as he was the first Roman general to conquer France (GAUL).

Caesar was also the first emperor to try to invade Britain.

Julius Caesar was even important enough for Shakespeare to write a play about. It was titled, appropriately enough, "Julius Caesar"!  

After he had attempted this invasion of Britain Caesar used the Roman army to march back to Rome and take power from the Senate in 49 BC.  

Obviously the Senators did not like this and a group of them, led by Brutus, murdered him in 44 B.C. It is these later events that Shakespeare deals with in his play.

Claudius title

Claudius was a very sickly child and only became Emperor because he was the last adult male left in the Imperial Family after the murder of the Emperor Caligula!

He was born at Lugdunum in Gaul (France) and was actually the first Roman Emperor to be born outside Italy.

10 BC – 54 AD

The Emperor Claudius was famous because of all the building work he ordered during his reign – hundreds of new roads, canals and aqueducts were built by him.

Like so many other Roman Emperors Claudius was assassinated - many historians think it may have been his own wife that killed him!

It was Claudius who laid most of the groundwork for the successful invasion of Britain, beginning in AD 43.


What he lacked in health he more than made up for in intelligence. Claudius was an extremely clever and well-read man.

Hadrian title

He was knows as the third of the Five Good Emperors!

76 – 138 AD

He was also known for looking after the Roman military really well.

He was a big fan of the Ancient Greeks and ordered the construction of lots of temples that looked like Greek ones.

The Emperor Hadrian is most famous for Hadrian’s Wall.


He ordered the wall to be built to mark the northern most part of the Empire in Britain (also to keep out the troublesome Scots!)

In our theatre in education production, "The Wall", that looks at the life of a soldier serving in the North of England, Hadrian is the Emperor.

After her husband died he said that his kingdom should be divided between the Romans and Boudica.  


The Romans ignored this and took the whole thing for themselves.

Boudicca Title

? – 61 AD

Sometimes known as Boadicea, she was not a Roman Citizen but the Queen of a British tribe called the Iceni.

Boudica was so angry that she gathered an army and destroyed the Roman towns of Colchester, St. Albans and London!  

This was such a crisis that the Emperor Nero considered pulling-out all the Romans from Britain.  


However, Boudica was defeated by the Romans at the Battle of Watling Street and she died in 61 AD.

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