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In a Roman family the most important person was the man (PATERFAMILIAS.)  


He had complete power over his wife, children, slaves and even his married sons & daughters and their families.  


This powerful man might also become a PATRON to poorer families: giving them money and advice.

Women were very important in the home though, as they were in charge of everything running smoothly.

Life of an everyday roman title

They would learn reading and writing in Latin and Greek as well as arithmetic.  Girls especially were expected to be married by the age of 16.  


This sometimes meant they were married to much older men who had returned from the army and were seeking a bride!

Education was only for the children of rich families.  They might attend a school (where there were only 12 pupils!) or be taught at home by an educated slave.  

Romans did not wear trousers and t-shirts!  Roman men wore sandals and tunics that went down to their knees and were tied around their waists by a belt.

Ladies would wear make-up and jewelry like modern women and an item of clothing called a STOLA which went all they way down to her ankles.  


Roman women were also fond of having big curly hair!

Big curly hair- Roman women would have loved the 80's!

Tunic Stola



On important occasions he would wear a TOGA which was like a big woolen sheet that was draped over his right shoulder.