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These companion packs have been created to complement and enhance your study of the Key Stage 2 History Curriculum.

"Wow! I have never seen resources to rival these - they must have been created by a genius!"


   Dan Ellis, Hobgoblin Theatre Company

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Caveman #1 invents the wheel...


Caveman #2: What that for?


Caveman #1: You wheelie don't know..?

Key Stage Two History

Digital Companion Packs

They are designed to add greater depth to your pupils' studies by exploring a range of themes within each of the broader topics.

Take a look at the video to see the sort of thing you get when you buy one of our original and engaging Companion Packs...

In time we will be able to offer packs to accompany all of our shows - for now we have them for:


"Prehistoric Park" - Stone Age to Iron Age

"The Curse of the Mummy" - Ancient Egypt

"Perseus & Medusa" - Ancient Greece

Digital Companion Packs


Each of our Companion Packs includes AT LEAST the following:



1 Topic RoadMap detailing the breakdown of each lesson


15 fully sourced lesson plans including fun and engaging PowerPoints and Worksheets


3 filmed scenes that explore curriculum content not covered in the show


Drama games, activities and ideas for you to work on with the children that are relevant to the topic


At just £75 plus VAT these packs are brilliant value for money.

Nora Button

Meet Nora...


She started vlogging recently and her Dad just happened to build a time machine!

Join Nora on her adventures through history that coincidentally fit in really nicely with the Key Stage 2 History Curriculum!


Nora's adventures are accessible as part of the Digital Companion Packs

If you would like to get a sense of how the Powerpoints look you can download a free example by clicking HERE


(It's Lesson 12 of our Stone Age to Iron Age SOW, "Hill Forts and Iron Age Life")