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Each of these A3 wallcharts has been created by us to add some background or interesting facts to the shows (which are already bursting with facts!).


Every teacher who books a show will receive a pack on the day of the performance containing one of each of these wallcharts.


If you wish to purchase one for each of your children who will be watching the show they are available in packs of 30. Each pack of 30 is £5.00 which is added to the invoice for the show booking and can either be posted in advance of the booking or brought with us on the day.





The wallcharts are also available to buy without making a show booking.


A pack of 8 wallcharts (of your choice) costs £3.00 plus £1.50 postage.


A pack of 30 (of the same) wallcharts cost £5.00 plus £2.75 postage.


For larger quantities we can quote postage costs.


To order, or make an enquiry, call or email Hannah:


0800 5300 384 / 07775 861165

[email protected]

Perseus & Medusa Roman Goblin A Viking Tale The Thompson's War VIKINGS The Workhouse Boy Tudors Plagues and Plots All The World's A Stage The Shakespeare Goblin Stuarts Goblin 2 Stuarts

These superb history wallcharts complement our shows for Key Stage 2. They're available to buy for the kids too!

Sample Greeks Wallchart Sample Romans Wallchart Sample Vikings Wallchart Sample Stuarts Wallchart Sample Tudors Wallchart Sample Victorians Wallchart Sample WWII Wallchart WW2 The Thompsons War The Thompson's War Sample WWII Morse Code Wallchart

Pre & Early WWII Britain Timeline

Victorian Britain Timeline

The Morse Code Alphabet

The Black Death Factsheet

The 6 Wives of Henry VIII

The Elder Futhark - Viking Alphabet

Roman Gods Family Tree

Greek Gods Family Tree

Facts about the Stone/Bronze/Iron Age

Egyptian Goblin Egyptians plain title the curse of the mummy plain title Sample Egyptians Hieroglyphic Alphabet

The Hieroglyphic Alphabet

stone iron age black title Sample Stone Age Wallchart Prehistoric Park Graphic Title