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The Ancient Egyptians are perhaps most famous for leaving us with the PYRAMIDS.  These were massive, triangular, stone buildings that were used to bury the Pharaohs.

All over these tombs were symbols called HIEROGLYPHICS. This was a picture alphabet that was used in the most formal of circumstances.

These pictures were one of three Ancient Egyptian forms of writing.

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We are able to read these HIEROGLYPHICS now because of the discovery of the ROSETTA STONE.  This was a stone tablet carved in 196 BC in praise of the new Pharaoh, Ptolemy V.  At this late time the language of the educated Egyptians was Ancient Greek, but people also still wrote with HIEROGLYPHICS and spoke in regular, or Demotic,  Egyptian and so the message was written in all three.


 When Egyptologists who understood Ancient Greek deciphered the Rosetta Stone in 1822 we were at last able to understand Hieroglyphics and so learnt all about the lives and beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians.

We have also learnt about life in Ancient Egypt through the many objects and possessions that were buried with the Pharaohs in the Pyramids. These objects have given us a good idea about what was important to the Egyptians. We'll talk more about what the items are in later sections...

Are emojis the modern hieroglyphics..?

Pyramids Hieroglyphics