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Romans ate many things that we still eat today such as bread, cheese and soups.  However, they also enjoyed things that, to us, don’t sound very nice at all.  Fancy some:

Flamingo tongues?

Most dishes were served with a sauce called Garum, which was made out of fish-guts!

Food and Drink Title

Fattened dormice?

Peacock brains?

Normally the Romans would have breakfast at dawn, a light lunch at around 11am  and then their main meal or CENA which could go on all afternoon and all evening!

This was split into three courses –


GUSTATIO (starter)

PRIMA MENSA (main course)

SECUNDA MENSA (dessert.)

I like the idea of meals that go on all afternoon and evenng but I don't fancy peacock brains!

Fish Dormouse Flamingo Peacock