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Everyday life

Death in childhood was very common in Ancient Egypt. Because of this people had lots of children and so families would be large to ensure that the family trade could be continued.


The father was the undisputed head of the household and his oldest son would be his heir. Unlike some other ancient civilizations the Egyptians respected their women and they were able to own property and do business in their own right.


Normally a marriage would be bewteen one mand and one woman but Pharaohs would often have several wives.


Girls would normally marry at about 12 years of age and boys would do so between 14 and 15. Female children would stay at home until they were married.


In many families children would often have to work from age 7 to help support the family.




As one of the richest countries of the time Egypt was well-placed to trade with other civilizations.


The wealth of Egypt was in gold and copper as well as their skill at farming.


Though they didn't use money, preferring to barter (swap goods), the Egyptians did use a standard measurement of worth which was called a deben. This was based on a certain weight of copper. Items would be said to be worth a certain amount of deben and traded for items of a similar value.


Goods that were imported would be animal skins, horses and timber (which was in very short supply in Egypt).

Though they didn't have holiday time in the same way that we do today people would not be expected to work during religious festivals.


By the latter years of the civilization religious festivals took up nearly a third of the year so some people had a lot of time off work!


With the River Nile such a large part of everyone's life sailing was a popular leisure activity, as was fishing.


People would enjoy playing board games as well as telling stories to one another.


Dolls, wooden toys and spinning tops were all played with by children in Ancient Egypt, much as were (and sometimes still are) by children today.


Hunting was a popular past-time for nobles. They would hunt hippos!

I don't think I would have liked to go out to work when I was 7!

Hippo Plank Animal hide Ancient Egyptian Ladies Clothing

Linen was the material used to make clothes for rich and poor though the quality would vary.


Shaved heads were very common for both men and women and the wealthy would wear wigs. Children would also have shaved heads though they would keep a couple of long locks of hair.


It was very normal for both men and women to wear make-up, mainly dark eye-liner.

Because of the hot climate in Egypt most clothing would be light and cool.

Women would wear tunics and men wore kilts. When the weather turned cool they would wear cloaks.


In most depictions children shown without any clothes whatsoever, unsurprising given how hot it would be.