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As we know, the thought of an afterlife was very important to the Egyptians.  


They believed that your soul left your body at death, but it would rejoin your body when you got to THE KINGDOM OF THE WEST.  


For this to occur they thought the body needed to be preserved.  The rich Egyptians did this through a process called MUMMIFICATION.  


The poor Egyptians buried their dead in the hot desert, which dehydrated the body and made the body last longer.  They then believed they could get to the afterlife by saying the correct spells.


Mummification was a way of ensuring that the body remained intact in good condition - so much so that we still have mummies that are thousands of years old! But how did they do it...?


Step 1 - Remove all the body’s organs apart from the heart (this needs to be with you, so it can be weighed by Anubis.)  This helps stop the body from rotting.  Put the lungs, the liver, the intestines and stomach in CANOPIC JARS.

Step 2 - Stick something sharp up the nose and mash up the brain so it can all be removed.

Step 3 - Stuff the body with linen bags of salt and baking soda and leave for 40 days. This will dry it out.

Step 4 - Take out the bags of salt and cover body in oil.  This will stop it from snapping in Step 5!

Step 5 - Wrap the body in linen bandages and add protective AMULETS to keep the body safe.

Step 6 - Place the body inside a wooden coffin. This is a purely functional coffin.

tomb – for the very important there may even be a golden sarocphagus such as the one that Tutankhamun had.

Step 8 - Bury things that the body might need in the afterlife – such as food, furniture, jewellery and eating utensils!

Step 7 - If you’re a Pharaoh, place the coffin in a beautiful stone outer coffin (SARCOPHAGUS) and place the sarcophagus in a                              

Where do Mummies go for a swim...?


To the Dead Sea!

Mummy Canopic jars Canopic jar 2 Sarcophagus