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As we know, the FLOODING (or INUNDATION) of the Nile was very important as this gave  the Ancient Egyptians very fertile ground.

food and drink

This was followed by two more “Seasons,” PLANTING and then HARVESTING.  During HARVESTING they gathered their two main crops EMMER and BARLEY, from which they made their two favourite things to eat and drink: BREAD AND BEER!

Can you believe that a piece of Egyptian bread from around the year 1500 BC is still in existence!

They also grew FLAX from which they made their clothes and sheets, and PAPYRUS, which they used to write on.

Egyptian farmers developed irrigation ditches as a way of channelling the Nile waters into their fields to water the crops but common folk who wished to water their personal gardens would have had to carry the water there, probably using clay pots.

Although the poor Egyptians enjoyed drinking their beer, the rich Egyptians drank wine, and so they grew grapes in their gardens too.

Food and drink is my favourite thing in the whole world!

Bread and Beer Papyrus Papyrus 2