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Roman society was very cultured and heavily influenced by the ancient Greeks.


  They had books, art (paintings and sculptures,) music and plays that all borrowed from the Greeks.

Stadiums were the setting for much Roman entertainment.  


The most famous Roman stadia are the CIRCUS MAXIMUS and COLOSSEUM in Rome.  In the Circus Maximus they would hold horse and chariot racing and in the Colosseum they would stage fights and other entertainments.


Sometimes they would even flood the Colosseum and hold ship battles!

Arts and entertainment


The Romans also had some forms of entertainment that we would not consider so “cultured” or “civilized"!

The Romans organized fights to the death between trained slaves called GLADIATORS.

Sometimes wild animals such as Lions and Tigers were involved.  


The Romans loved seeing blood!

Roman men would entertain themselves with sports such as racing, handball, jumping, boxing and wrestling.

They also enjoyed gambling, dice and board games. 

Roman ladies enjoyed large dinner parties which would involve dancing, music and poetry readings.  

Even the Romans might have baulked at watching Big Brother...


...and they watched people being eaten by lions!

Gladiator Dice Coliseum Coliseum interior

Colosseum exterior and interior.

Tiger Lion