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Formed in 2007, we are now in our 10th year of performing as Hobgoblin Theatre Company!


In that time we have performed to hundreds of thousands of children in hundreds of schools all over the UK (and beyond!) and our repertoire has grown from the 2 plays we started with to over 20 shows that we now offer all year round (and the new shows that we add each Xmas).


With a firm focus on educational values we are considered an invaluable resource by teachers across the UK looking to inspire and enthuse their children.

Learn a little more about this theatre in education company and the wonderful people who run it!


Hobgoblin Theatre Company in a nutshell.

We formed Hobgoblin Theatre Company out of a desire to do something worthwhile with our training and experience while still enjoying the excitement of live performance.


Each of us had professional training as well as experience working in Theatre in Education before we formed Hobgoblin and, added to the things we have learnt over the past 9 years, we believe that we can meet any challenge that we are presented with.


We write all of our own material from scratch to ensure that it meets our high standards. We also make all of our costumes, props and sets and we take great pleasure in performing our shows and running our drama workshops in schools and elsewhere.


There really is no more honest audience than an audience of children and we take great pride in the fact that the response we get from them is so positive.


With more new shows and workshop ideas on the cards we're looking forward to the next 10 years and beyond...!


Theatre is a team effort and, as we have grown, we have been privileged to work with a lot of very talented and creative actors. As well as the many actors that we have at peak times we are very excited to have these wonderful people working with us for 2017/18...

This coming year company director James Anthony and Hobgoblin regular Lianne Fairey are sad to wave goodbye to Felix (don't be a stranger!) but, happily, they  will be joined by Lewis Clarke.

As well as all of the fun they will have in the UK these guys will be heading to Germany for our annual week in Dusseldorf later in the year.

It's all change this year for one of our teams...


We're very sad to say goodbye (for now) to Emily, Luke and Will but we are delighted to welcome these 3 lovely folks to the team.

Dan Coulter Katie Rickerby Aston Harrison Lewis Clarke

Aston Harrison

Katie Rickerby

Dan Coulter

They certainly have their work cut out for them as there are loads of shows to get under their belts but we are confident that they are up to the task!


It's both Aston and Dan's first time working with Hobgoblin but Katie has done loads of work with us, from Christmas shows to an educational piece all about Antibiotic Resistance!

Lianne and Jimbo

UPDATE - 2017/18 is shaping up to be a great year for Hobgoblin Theatre Company! Lewis, Aston, Katie and Dan have all put in loads of work getting to grips with 7 of our shows before term even started and schools are already raving about their performances. We couldn't be happier!